Movement Educator ~ Certified Pilates Instructor  ~
Pre and Post Natal Certified ~ TRX Certified

Crys graduated from Appalachian State University with a BSBA in Commercial Art/Art Marketing & Production and began a career in advertising. Her love of learning and helping others led her to teach students on the college level, a career she recently retired from after 20 years.

Crys fell in love with Pilates fourteen years ago while taking mat classes at the Lake Norman YMCA. After having her second child in her 40's she realized how beneficial those Pilates classes had been during childbirth and throughout the recovery process after her pregnancy. Crys went from being a Pilates student to instructor in 2005 after being asked by her Pilates instructor if she would be interested in teaching. Knowing the benefits of Pilates, her love for teaching and fitness finally came together when she became Mat Certified through Spin Pilates. Challenging herself to further her knowledge and to take her skills to the next level, Crys completed comprehensive training through Balanced Body University. In her commitment to increase her knowledge and skill set she studied with Marie Jose Bloom and obtained the title Movement Educator and also complete her Pre and Post Natal certification with Jennifer Gianni in 2012.

Working with a variety of clients from college students to seniors, elite athletes to ballroom dancers, Crys is focused on bringing awareness to each indivdual so they have a better understanding of how their bodies work and live day to day. Through her commitment her clients have been able to find the balance, posture, and strength in their bodies that had been lost due to injuries, childbirth, or the workplace.

Other Instructors:
Katie Berlow
Pilates Instructor

Katie Berlow has been studying,

practicing and evolving as a

Pilates student and Instructor

for over 16 years. A graduate of

Western Michigan University (BFA Fine Arts – Dance), Katie was introduced to the Pilates Technique during Dance Conditioning class work. After weeks of Pilates Reformer use, Katie quickly noticed a huge change in her musculature, balance, alignment, and flexibility. She finally understood the meaning and feeling of “moving from the core!”  Her Pilates addiction began. In following semesters Katie honed her Pilates skills by teaching, observing and critiquing other students. 

Katie's journey has allowed her to worked with several body types including a post-polio patient which found improved muscular imbalances and corrected misalignments. Katie led her through a vigorous training regiment using a reformer and mat program. After several months of focusing on body symmetry and balance, the client regained strength and control of her entire body. She was elated and amazed at how she could sit and garden for hours without feeling sore and stiff – all from working with Pilates.
Katie continued to expand her Pilates knowledge by studying Laban Movement Analysis and Bartineiff Fundamentals.  She has apprenticed with Octavio Galindo, a third generation student of the Joseph Pilates method.  She has appeared in numerous videos with some of today’s top fitness gurus such as Lara Hudson-Press (weight watchers) Jennifer Galardi(Crunch), Donna Richardson Joyner, Tom Seaborne, Janis Saffell, Jorge Cruz and Scott Cole.  Katie can also be seen in a few videos for Crunch Fitness and Weight Watchers.
After moving to Los Angeles Katie decided in 2010 to open her own Pilates studio. She owned and operated a sweet small space and catered to some of L.A.’s hottest bodies and talented artists for four years. Now living in Huntersville, NC, she is proud to call Dancing Moon her home studio. She is excited at the opportunity to share new style and approach with the Dancing Moon family and to learn new things as well.

Join her in the exploration and discovery of your body’s core!

Cait Klien
Certified Yoga Instructor

Cait started practicing yoga

in high school in a stinky

wrestling room, with an

uncertified instructor and a

group of good-humored

fun-loving girls.

Six years later she could not be more enthralled, excited and mystified by the practice of yoga. Cait completed a 200 hr certification in Baptist style power vinyasa yoga from Bill Raup at Power Yoga Works studio in Philadelphia in 2009. In December 2012 she graduated from a second 200 hr training through Koaveri's Subtle Yoga program, with plans to begin working through her 500 hr training in April. In addition, she is a certified Vedic Thai Yoga Masseuse and have travelled extensively, exploring international service and yoga.

The brilliance of all aspects of yoga -from its ancestral roots, to its psychological and physiological benefits, to the current scientific studies on the practice- exhilarates Cait. She craves more and more knowledge of the practice and is continually learning every day. Her teaching method is one of a gentle flow, while weaving in elements of subtle yoga and meditation techniques. Also, her primary focus is on injury prevention and nurturing healing bodies back to health. She feels so blessed to be able to share the healing and transformational practice of yoga with other students.

Erin Boyle
Certified Pilates Instructor

Bio and photo coming soon!

Cira Pihl
Apprentice Pilates Instructor
Bio and photo coming soon!